A fix for Game crashing when changing display settings

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A fix for Game crashing when changing display settings

Post by Alexfrost » Thu Dec 07, 2023 11:11 am


Some time ago, I had a problem, when, after changing anything in Display settings and clicking "OK" my game crashed and all settings reverted to the original ones.
That way I could not change the resolution, filtering etc... and was stuck with a tiny game window and bad graphics

I contacted Game support, and despite their efforts, they could not help me to fix that issue

But, today, accidentally, I've found the problem:

Apparently, if you have a G-Sync or a Free-Sync in your Nvidia panel set to both fullscreen and windowed - the game crashes.
But, if you only set it to Fullscreen - the game works fine!

Also, make sure to close MSI afterburnen, rivatuner, and, "throttlestop" application.

I am not sure if all that is needed, but that worked for me

I can, finally, enjoy Distant guns once more!!!

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