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Thank you for trying Jutland. Your trial has expired ???

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 7:09 pm
by Rolf
Never tried Jutland, just installed it for the first time on my laptop through Stormpowered. I wanted give this game a try but I always get a start screen with the above mentioned warning and it asks for activation or purchasing. How can I solve this problem? With DG RJW no problem, it installs, works and updates to version Jutland doesn't start at all! However I really hope, your are going to sell as soon as possible both DG RJW and Jutland on Steam. It should be a second life for this interesting software and could be known by the new gamers generation.

Re: Thank you for trying Jutland. Your trial has expired ???

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2023 9:26 am
by SES Garbo
Hi Rolf!

Did you by chance download the Jutland trial from a third party site at any point? I just DL'd and installed the trial on my end through StormPowered and had no trouble. I ask because we've seen this many times in the past and it's almost always a result of a third party version causing a conflict with the StormPowered client. Try forcing an update on Jutland by right clicking it in your games list and clicking the "force update" option and see if that works.

If it doesn't, you'll need to uninstall Jutland and Distand Guns first then uninstall the StormPowered client and run a registry cleaner such as CCleaner or Advanced Uninstaller Pro to get rid of any residual files and/or registry keys. I use Advanced Unistaller Pro myself, it's free and it's actually something we've suggested to customers in the past to fix this same issue. I'll provide a link below.

Once everything is uninstalled and you've cleaned the registry, try downloading the StormPowered client from the link below and install it again and give Jutland another go.

I hope this helps!