Distant Guns, cannot reset any graphic settings, game crashes

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Distant Guns, cannot reset any graphic settings, game crashes

Post by Alexfrost » Sat Jan 14, 2023 9:39 pm


The game Distant Guns starts and works fine, until I try to change graphic settings, like resolution, Antialiasing or any other.
The game tells me it is preparing to "reset the screen" after which game shuts down. When I start again - all settings are back to default...
Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you

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Re: Distant Guns, cannot reset any graphic settings, game crashes

Post by SES Garbo » Tue Jan 17, 2023 9:56 am

So far I've been unable to reproduce this issue on my end.

Try going into your Storm Eagle Studios > Distant Guns directory and delete the file specifically named DG_RJW.cfg, reboot your compuer and then give it another try.

If that doesn't work, let me know and also send me your computer and monitor specs as well as the reolution you're attempting to set it to.

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Re: Distant Guns, cannot reset any graphic settings, game crashes

Post by Alexfrost » Tue Jan 17, 2023 11:48 pm


Thank you for the reply, its amazing that this game is still supported

Even before Creating this thread I had tried to delete that Config file, following your advice from a Jutland thread
1. Shut down Stormpowered and Distant guns
2. delete cfg file
3. Restart computer
4. Start Stormpowered as an administrator and start Distant guns

The game starts and works, but crashes when I attempt to change Anti-aliasing or Resoluton
I don't know if it's normal, but the game does not create a new cfg file

I tried reinstalling the game to a default location the installer wants me to - same
So far, I managed to change Anisotropic filtering and Trilineral thing
It is possible to stretch the window to a playable size

If I try any compatibility settings for the game shortcut - I get intro and a black game window that shuts down after some time

Specs: Windows 10
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz, 3792 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
monitor U28E590 , 4K , I use G-sync

After every game shutdown due to graphic changes I get a log file
I will attach them here in case they are useful
I cant find an option to insert a text file, so I will just copy it here
The file name is "game_log backup Tue_Jan_17_23_29_11_2023" Open game log - Distant Guns: The Russo-Japanese War at Sea, Release Build: 1.535 Mutex ID [DG_RJW].
Current date and time: Tue Jan 17 23:28:41 2023.
OS Registered Owner: alexserenity
OS Productname: Windows 10 Home
Operating system Major Version:6, build 9200 ()
Registered first run version is:1.535 (retrieved)
Verbose_debug is active.
This log is intended primarily as a maintenance aid.
Players should be cautious about drawing conclusions from information in this game log.
Displayed data represent an incomplete picture of the internal state of the game in debugging terms,
and do not necessarily correspond to the complete externally visible game state.
Open Diagnostic log - DGRJW, Build: 1.535. (0 ms)
Begin compressed diagnostics
diag[0]+YARI\a3QU>5DOKmYvAKTrf23s7EYtD_cwouUAa:ueT_Q`>rme[_\Ui<RGr4L@SqZoOXApywNqfvb6cBGfG946q@JhjuWJyn=tifYQqpQfNKhGTwDzF]f2`x (0 ms)
diag[1]+<m?;T5ANahdbIra@giY7<7n3QDkR8wo_^hgot0Y<5:kHnGQvr2b@;zvEE`HBRO9eaBV0VdAe[`jPElA=pkYScbzChy3zjukp2]:BBy<peG0QBNwGh>GR7xx (0 ms)
diag[2]+3295630+3295630+=sVMXP8Y?=OT29_N3wU;b8CZurh`_c^zPcs>bnbS3C;ocWNyd:P:=1Zi7P\fw>Jf[Zbgka@nvl[3>`4^U4aUra[Dx@;gV759W1Y^;VV (0 ms)
diag[3]+ehbf\1^*41:4721*41:4721*>rWLYO9X@<PS38`M4vV:c7DYvqi_`b_yQbt=cmcR4B<ndVOxe9Q9>0[h8O]ex=Ke\Ycfl`Amwk\2?_5]V3bTs`\Cy?<fW668 (0 ms)
End compressed diagnostics (0 ms)
Begin external_update() check
external_update() found no update script at M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\external_update.txt
End external_update() check, returning TRUE
System Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz.
Initial System Memory
Total physical memory:2047 MB.
Physical memory free:2047 MB.
Virtual memory free:1853 MB.
Total P+V memory free:3901 MB.
Paging file memory free:4095 MB. (1 ms)
Global-global_game_directory is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\
Global-music_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\Music\
Global-sound_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\Sound\
Global-texture_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\Textures\
Global-model_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\Models\
Global-save_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\data\Save\
Global-scenario_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\data\Scenario\
Global-world_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\data\World\
Global-oob_directory_name is:M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\data\OOB\
Warning - Failed to open file M:\Storm Eagle Studios\Distant Guns RJW Enhanced\DG_RJW.cfg!
Setting windowed config.
Begin log_config()
adaptive_default_view: 0
ambient_hue: 128
ambient_light_coefficient: 50
animate_spyglass: 0
animate_water: 1
bold_font: 0
camera_bob: 0
camera_control_option: 2
camera_near_clip: 1
campaign_game_auto_save_frequency: 1
client_rect.bottom: 728
client_rect.left: 0
client_rect.right: 984
client_rect.top: 0
contrast: 100
d3d_fill_mode: 3
d3dmode.DepthStencilFormat: 0
...format description:unlisted
d3dmode.dwBehavior: 0
d3dmode.Format: 0
...format description:unlisted
d3dmode.Height: 768
d3dmode.Width: 1024
damage_control: 100
damage_hole_scalar: 100
damage_mark_scalar: 4
damage_skin: 2
default_view_from L0: 287
default_view_from L1: 0
default_view_from L2: 287
detail_geometry: 2
draw_forces_on_operational_map: 1
environmental_saturation: 50
frame_rate_adaptive_detail: 1
full_effects: 1
fullscreen: 0
gamma: 100
gunnery_accuracy: 100
gunnery_damage: 100
header V: 2
help: 1
isotropy: 1
language: 0
lensflare: 1
lightmap_sharpness: 100
matte_specular_brightness: 30
matte_specular_power: 2
mouse_pickinfo: 1
MultiSampleType: 0
notification_mode: 1
ocean_animation_period: 20000
operational_info_overlay: 0
orders_pause: 0
play_music: 1
render_checked: 0
shellcam_mode: 2
ship_bob_amplitude: 40
ship_status_display: 1
show_screen_edge_control_bands: 0
show_fps: 0
smoke_wake_effects: 2
sticky_controls: 1
telescope_active: 2
texture_quality: 2
torpedo_accuracy: 100
torpedo_damage: 100
trilinear_filtering: 0
update_follow_angle_limit: 0
update_follow_distance_limit: 1000
use_short_ship_names: 1
v_synch: 1
visibility_limiting: 0
water_ambient_reflectance: 40
water_backlight_angle: 15
water_backlight_intensity: 90
water_diffuse_reflectance: 20
water_saturation: 10
water_specular_intensity: 70
water_specular_power: 35
water_texture_multiple: 4
wave_geometry: 2
wave_normal_scalar: 25
windowplacement_ok: 0
windowplacement.flags: 0
windowplacement.length: 0
windowplacement.ptMaxPosition.x: 0
windowplacement.ptMaxPosition.y: 0
windowplacement.ptMinPosition.x: 0
windowplacement.ptMinPosition.y: 0
windowplacement.rcNormalPosition.bottom: 0
windowplacement.rcNormalPosition.left: 0
windowplacement.rcNormalPosition.right: 0
windowplacement.rcNormalPosition.top: 0
windowplacement.showCmd: 0
advanced_critical_hits: ammo handling: 0
advanced_critical_hits: fragile ap shells: 0
camera shake: 1
spline zooms: 1
parallel processing optimization: 1
camera field of view (approx degrees): 45
valid: 1
End log_config()
String resources for English language loaded.
System default display language is English.
Config display language is English.
NCK_D3D_ColorPaint::NCK_D3D_ColorPaint() succeeded.
NCK_D3D_TextureBlit::NCK_D3D_TextureBlit() succeeded.
Begin init_scenario() (8 ms)
Begin record_campaign_archive()
End record_campaign_archive() (9 ms)
...news init success.
...po_script init success.
End init_scenario()
NCK_D3D_Camera::set_world_bounds() succeeded.
...view-lower x=-50000,y=-20000,z=-50000.
...view-upper x=50000,y=20000,z=50000
...bound-lower x=-50100,y=6,z=-50100.
...bound-upper x=50000,y=20100,z=50000
NCK_D3D_Camera::NCK_D3D_Camera() succeeded.
NCK_Controls::NCK_Controls() succeeded. (22 ms)
NCK_Multiplayer::NCK_Multiplayer() succeeded. (0.18700 s)
...end NCK_CMyD3DApplication(), returning TRUE, r_a=TRUE
Enter WinMain()
...run_application=TRUE, continue.
...check SESFE_FE available

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Re: Distant Guns, cannot reset any graphic settings, game crashes

Post by SES Garbo » Wed Jan 18, 2023 3:15 pm

Thanks for the info!

This is very odd indeed. And this is occurring with Distant Guns 1.5 and not 1.0, correct?

In order for us to fully investigate the issue we'd really need the game_log in its entirety post crash. If you could, please follow the link and the instructions below to submit a support ticket and attach the full game_log.


Instructions to submit your game_log:

1) Launch the StormPowered client and then launch Distant Guns.

2) Reproduce the error and then immediately close the game if still running and then close the StormPowered client by clicking Manage > Exit in the top-left corner of the client window.

3) Next, navigate to your Storm Eagle Studios > Distant Guns RJW Enhanced directory and find the file named game_log.txt and attach it to your support ticket.


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